Fortified Foods

Mutton Sausage

Sausage Casings are used for fresh sausage making and are ready for immediate use, no preparation is required.

Mutton Sausages. Fortified Foods Mutton Sausage South Africa spices were just meant to be! 

CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileMeatblock
SC005E1.5kgEastern MuttonA savoury, mild spice blend of garlic and onion with predominant fatty meat notes.1.5Kg yields 21Kg end product
SC005L1kgNatal MuttonA blend of aromatics, cumin, aniseed and ginger with mild spicy notes.1Kg yields 14.3Kg end product
SC005Y1kgSpicy Oriental SausageA pungent, spicy curry flavour with a lingering chilli burn.1Kg yields 17.8Kg end product
SC006B0.7kgEastern DelightA blend of aromatic curry notes with pieces of bell peppers. 0.7Kg yields 10Kg end product
SC006I1kgLekker Chakalaka SausageA blend of aromatic curry notes with pieces of bell peppers and chilli. 1Kg yields 16.4Kg end product
SC006W1.1kgSizzler Mutton SausageA mild blend of aromatic curry notes with notes of aniseed and cilantro.1.1Kg yields 20.1Kg end product
SC006X2kgTraditional Mutton SausageA spicy, pungent mutton sausage with notes of garlic and cumin.2Kg yields 35.6Kg end product
SC008C1kgChilli Sausage SpecialAn extra hot mutton sausage, with strong notes of cumin onion and garlic.1Kg yields 14.3Kg end product
SC007Q1.3KgMumbai Spicy MuttonPleasant oriental blend of spices 1.3Kg yields 20Kg end product
SC006W1.1KgFlaming Mutton Sausage A hot blend of aromatic curry notes, complimented by notes of aniseed and cilantro1.1Kg yields 20.1Kg end product
SC138B1KgSpicy Chakalaka Sausage Hot and spicy with authentic curry flavour1Kg yields 16.4Kg end product