Fortified Foods

Whole Spices and herbs

CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct profileRecommended Dosage
SN001A1kgBay leaves wholeObtained from the Laurel tree and is used in sauces, gravies, tomato recipes. . It is also good in corned beef and chicken loavesUse as Required
1kgBay Leaves are pungent and have a sharp, bitter taste.Use as Required
SN0021kgCloves WholeCloves are from Madagascar,Cloves are used in studding pork, roast, tomato sauces, spice cookies and cakes. Cloves are strong, pungent, and sweetUse as Required
SN0201kgMustard Seeds RedMustard Seed's hot and spicy flavour enhances meats, fish, sauces, and salad dressingsUse as Required
SN020B1kgMustard Seeds Yellow Mustard Seed's hot and spicy flavour enhances meats, fish, sauces,and salad dressingsUse as Required
SN0241kgParsley WholeParsley is most popular as a garnish and is an excellent breath freshener. Parsley has a light, fresh scent and flavour.Use as Required
SN026A1kgCoarse Black PepperPepper is a universal table condiment used to flavour all types of dishes in cuisines worldwide Black Pepper has a sharp, pungent aroma and flavour.Use as Required
SN030A1kgMixed HerbsA blend of several different herbs, with a variety if uses. Mostly used in stews, roasts and tomato dishes.Use as Required
SN052A1kgRosemary WholeRosemary is used primarily in Italy in lamb, pork, chicken, and rabbit dishes. Rosemary has a tea like aroma and a piney flavour. Use as Required
SN0691kgBasil RubbedBasil is widely used in Italian cuisine and is often paired with tomatoes. It is also also used in Thai cooking. The herb complements meat, vegetables , cheese, and egg dishes. Basil has a sweet, herbal bouquet.Use as Required
SN0911kgMint RubbedA sweet aromatic herb with a distinct spearmint flavour.Mint jelly served with lamb,sprinkled in peas, or in chocolate desserts. Mint is strong and sweet sweet with a tangy flavour and a cool after taste.Use as Required