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Vegetarian Products


Vegetarian don’t eat products or buy products of slaughter. People become vegetarian for many reasons, including health, religious convictions, concerns about animal welfare or the use of antibiotics.

Vegetarianism is the practice of renounce from the use of meat and may also include renounce from by-products of animal slaughter. Vegetarianism may be adopted for various reasons.

Try Fortified Foods collection of vegetarians recipe plus meatless meals to fit your vegetarians diet.

CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileMeatblock Total
SC082A 25KgSoya Dallas Burger Meaty and savoury25Kg yields 75kg end product
SC149R1KgSoya Sausage BP Spicy, meaty & savoury notes.1Kg yields 16kg end product
SC149S1.5kgVegan burgerSpicy, meaty & savoury notes.1.5Kg yields 5.5kg end product
FP008B1KgChicken & Mushroom Pie Mix Conc (V)Umami with strong chicken and mushroom notes1Kg yields 50kg end product
FP008C1KgChicken Peri Peri Mix Conc (V)Slightly acidic and pungent with chicken notes1Kg yields 50kg end product
FP008D1KgMutton Curry Pie Mix Conc (V)Aromatic and spicy with fatty mutton notes1Kg yields 50kg end product
FP008P1KgPepper Steak Pie Mix Conc (V)Savoury, umami with strong black pepper notes1Kg yields 50kg end product
FP022L1KgSausage Roll Mix (V)Savoury with slight sweetness & savoury notes7.5Kg yields 100kg end product