Fortified Foods

Savoury Flavours

CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileRecommended Dosage
FD09425kgBBQ FlavourTypical BBQ flavour with notes of chilli, herbs and coriander.0.05-0.1%
FD046J5KgCTN Beef Liquid FlavourStrong roast beef notes0.2-2% on finished product
FD007R25KgRoast Chicken Flavour PP001Strong roast chicken notes0.1% on finished product
FD06320kgChakalaka FlavourA typical chakalaka flavour with notes of mixed vegetables, onion, garlic, bell peppers, thyme, and celery.0.5-1%
FD101J25KgChicken Base Salty, savoury with a chicken note.0.5-1%
FD007J25kgChicken PSW001A fried chicken flavour with subtle grill notes0.2 - 0.4% finished product
FP026B1Kg Cheese Powder Strong cheese notes0.2 - 0.4% finished product
FD085C25kgChargrill flavour Sweet with a hint of a smoke note0.05-0.1%
FD041C25kgForti Oxtail FlavourA well rounded flavour with distinct fatty notes spiced with nutmeg and black Pepper0.1 -1.0 %
FD16225kgGrilling GC Flavour Intense grill and smoke flavour0.1 -1.0 %
FD041A20kgGrilled Beef flavourA typical grilled beef flavour with a meaty aftertaste.0.05-0.1%
FD08325kgHVP BeefA savoury, meaty beef flavourUse as required
FD08425kgHVP ChickenA savoury boiled fatty, chicken flavour with a meaty aftertaste.Use as required
FD15925kgHVP Replacer Salty with savoury notesUse as required
FD075A25kgMeatinSalty with meaty notes0.5% - 0.6% on finished product
FD04725kgMinestrone FlavourA well rounded flavour, with distinct mixed vegetable,onion, garlic and tomato notes 0.4 - 0.5% finished product
FD051A20kgMutton Flavour SW001A savoury stewed mutton flavour0.1 - 0.2% finished product
FD041F20kgOxtail Flavor P001Savoury, fatty oxtail flavour0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD041E20kgOxtail SW001A savoury oxtail flavour, with mild spice notes0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD11025kgPizza SW001A very herbaceous flavour with notes of garlic and oregano.0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD12925kgPepperoni Flavour Sweet tomato spice notes0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD007N2.7kgRoast Chicken JKP001 Typical roast chicken flavour with a strong meaty aftertaste.0.3 - 0.5% finished product
FD05420kgRoast Savoury OnionA sweet roasted onion flavour.0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD03720kgSausage Roll FlavourA meaty flavour with notes of pepper, roast onion and herbs.0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD04420kgTomato ExtenderA cooked tomato flavour0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD044D25kgTomato KetchupAn "all gold" type tomato sauce flavour0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FD044C20kgTomato SW001A spray dried tomato completed with sweet fruity notes.0.1 - 0.2% finished product.
FP0751kgVegeminA meaty, well rounded flavour with a salty acidic taste. 0.5 - 0.6% finished product
FP09020kgBeef BoosterA blend of HVP's to create a well rouned beef fldavour.4 - 5 grams per kg finished product