Fortified Foods


CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileMeatblock
SC089A1.2kgCooked RussianA typical russian flavour complimented with notes of garlic and smoke.1.2Kg yields 20.60kg
SC001L3KgCP Russian Umami and spicy with garlic notes3Kg yields 45.00kg
SC070B2KgDurban SmokeyA strong & spicy flavour with topnotes of chilli, garlic, coriander and nutmeg2Kg yields 60.00kg
SC0901kgKasselgrillerWell rounded flavour with distinct smoke, garlic and russian notes.1Kg yields 15.00kg
SC090K1kgCooked Salami RussianA well rounded product with strong aromatic flavours and distinct carraway, pepper and garlic notes.1Kg yields 14.83Kg end product
SC090N3.8kgGM RussianA mild russian flavour with top notes of garlic, smoke, pepper and chilli.3.8Kg yields 98.80kg end product
SC091A1kgMiracle Russian SalamiA well rounded product with strong aromatic flavours and distinct caraway, pepper, roast onion and garlic notes1Kg yields 15.00kg end product
SC141K4KgChilli Russian Conc Slightly salty with strong savoury notes4Kg yields 102kg end product
SC120M 10.57KgIQF Chilli Fresh Spicy and pungent, slightly sweet with umami notes10.57Kg yields 135kg end product.
SC113D17KgVictorian RussianMeaty, smokey with strong garlic and pepper notes17kg yields 505kg end product.
SC186L1.5KgChakkies Deli Russian Salty, spicy and smokey notes1.5kg yields 35kg end product.
SC145E20KgMetro Chilli Russian Strong chilli with meaty and savoury notes.20kg yields 500kg end product.
SC182H1.8KgSupreme Russian Savoury, spicy with pepper notes1.8kg yields 45kg end product.