Fortified Foods

Polony Spice

CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileMeatblock
SC022P1kgGC French PolonyA typical french polony flavour with distinct notes of garlic, pepper, clove, ginger and coriander.1Kg yields 15Kg end product
SC023G1.5kgFrench XXXA combination of celery, nutmeg, coriander ginger and garlicto give a flavoursome French polony with a subtle chilli aftertaste1.5Kg yields 59Kg end product
SC119F3KgSA French Polony A typical French polony, with a hint of heat and ginger notes3Kg yields 101.2Kg end product
SC0241kgFrench PolonyA typical french polony spiced with pepper, coriander and garlic.1Kg yields 16Kg end product
SC025P25kgJHB French Conc.A concentrated spice with a savoury, meaty flavour and distinct notes of garlic, pepper, onion, herb and ginger.1kg yields 68.64kg end product. Add 1.42kg salt.
SC026C11.5kgSuper FrenchA typical french, with subtle pungency, complimented by garlic, ginger and pepper.1.5kg yields 60kg end product