Fortified Foods

Curing Salts & Brines

CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileRecommended Dosage
SC039A12kgBrine MixA non phosphate brine mix which is ideal for manufacturing of ham, corn beef etc. Can also be used as a cover brine.Add 12kg Brine Mix to 72 litres water and dissolve.
SC039B1.3kgSpecial CureSalty/ sweet flavourUse 130g per litre of water or 1.3kg cure to 10lt of water.
SC149E2.7KgJecto Brine Mix Salty with sweet, smokey notes2.7Kg yields 22.70Kg end product
SC150A1.4KgSmoked Boneless rib Smokey & meaty with a hint of sweetness1.4Kg yields 34.90Kg end product
SC039C1.6kgTumble MixSalty notes1.6Kg yields 116.60Kg end product
SC039G5kgChicken BrineSalty and Pungent Add 5kg Brine Mix to 50 litres water Usage inject to 10% yield.