Fortified Foods


CodePack SizeDescriptionProduct ProfileRecommended Dosage
SC010E1kgBacon BurgerA savoury, slightly smoked bacon flavour. Natural colour of meat ( no colourants)1kg yields 14Kg end product
SC010B2kgSaxet BurgerHas strong black pepper, and mild chilli flavour with meaty notes.Natural colour of meat ( no colourants)2Kg yields 27Kg end product
SC010S1kgPepper Burger SupremeStrong bell pepper flavour with a hint of garlic, onion and cumin. Orange to Brown ( no colourants)1Kg yields 10Kg end product
SC011D1kgST Burger Savoury profile with strong pepper notes.1kg yields 10Kg end product
SC010T1kgBurger Spicy OrientalPungent savoury flavour with notes of smoke and bell peppers1kg yields 18Kg end product
SC010V1kgPepper BurgerFlavour blend of bell peppers, and savoury notes of cumin, onion and chilli1kg yields 10Kg end product
SC0951kgPatti MixA well rounded flavour consisting predominantly of savoury notes and black pepper. 1kg yields 14.5Kg end product
SC095B1kgPatti Mix with OnionA well rounded flavour consisting predominantly of onion, savoury notes and black pepper.1kg yields 14Kg end product
SC1001kgSizzler BurgerA very rounded savoury flavour with grilled meat and onion notes.1kg yields 10Kg end product